Applying to Google Summer of Code at LabLua

The ideas list

Check out our ideas web page or propose your own!

Getting in touch

You are encouraged to contact us before submitting your application. Getting in touch first is especially recommended if you are planning to apply to work on an original idea, rather than one of our suggestions. To introduce yourself, discuss ideas or your application, feel free to join us at our lab's GSoC mailing list.

Who we are

We are a programming language research lab at PUC-Rio, the university in Brazil where the Lua language is developed. We consist of people from a wide range of backgrounds, including PhD candidates, professors and alumni who are the developers and maintainers of projects that are used by the Lua community at large. Our mentors will make sure to establish a friendly and respectful channel of communication with you.

Am I experienced enough?

Check out the difficulty level on each proposed project. All projects are designed to fit the length of GSoC, given the student's suitable level of experience: a project marked Easy may be taken by an early-stage undergraduate, while a project marked Hard might be more appropriate for a graduate student, or a particularly experienced undergraduate. We will take this into consideration when matching students to projects.

Application questionnaire

Ready? Use the questionnaire below as a template for your application, filling in the answers!

Student Application - LabLua - GSoC 2016


  1. What is your preferred e-mail address?
  2. What is your web page / blog / github?
  3. What is your academic background?
  4. What other time commitments, such as school work, another job (GSoC is a full-time activity!), or planned vacations will you have during the period of GSoC?


  1. What programming languages are you fluent in? Which tools do you normally use for development?
  2. Are you familiar with the Lua programming language? Have you developed any projects using Lua?
  3. Have you developed software in a team environment before? Any projects with actual users?
    1. What kinds of projects/software have you worked on previously? (anything larger than a class project: academic research, internships, freelance, hobby projects, etc.)
    2. In particular, are you (or have you been) involved with any open source development project? If so, briefly describe the project and the scope of your involvement.


  1. Did you select a project from our list? If yes, which project did you select? Why did you choose this project? If you are proposing a project, give a description of your proposal, including the expected results.
  2. Please provide a schedule with dates and important milestones/deliverables (preferably in two week increments).
  3. What will be showable two months into the project?


  1. Have you participated to GSoC before? If so, How many times, which year, which project?
  2. Have you applied but were not selected? When?
  3. Did you apply this year to any other organizations?