Student Application - GSoC 2021

Please use the template below to help prepare your GSOC project proposal. We highly recommend discussing the project with your mentor before you submit the application to Google.

The following links contain helpful information about GSOC:

Application Template


  1. What is your preferred e-mail address?
  2. Do you have a website / blog / github?
  3. What is your academic background?
  4. What other time commitments will you have during the GSOC coding period? (school work, jobs, etc)


  1. What programming languages are you fluent in? Which tools do you normally use for development?
  2. Are you familiar with Lua? Have you developed any projects using Lua?
  3. Have you developed software in a team environment before?
  4. What kinds of projects/software have you worked on previously? (Anything larger than a class project: academic research, internships, freelance, hobby projects, etc.)
  5. Are you or have you been involved with any open source project? If so, briefly describe the project and the scope of your involvement.


  1. Have you participated as a student in GSoC before? Which year / project?
  2. Have you applied but were not selected? When?
  3. Did you apply this year to any other organizations?


  1. Did you select a project from our ideas list? If yes, which one? Why did you choose it?
  2. If your idea is not from the list, please describe it including the expected results.
  3. Please provide a schedule with dates and important milestones/deliverables.
  4. What will be ready halfway through the project? (After 5 weeks)