LabLua in Google Summer of Code 2019

We are very happy to participate again in Google Summer of Code (GSoC): this is our sixth year!

Here is, in their own words, a brief highlight of the students that are collaborating with us this year and the projects they are working on:

C Header File Parser in Lua Using Clang AST - Vishnu Murali (India)

About the project

"Pallene, the statically-typed companion language for Lua requires a Foreign Function Interface(FFI) to C. This project aims at creating a Lua library that can parse C header files so as to represent C declarations in Lua."

About Vishnu

"I’m Vishnu - a coder-geek, mesmerized by the limitless horizons of the programming world and fortified by a passionate outlook for things.

I hail from Kerala, India and am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur."

Apolo: a Library to aid the Creation of Scripts in Lua - Connor McPherson (USA)

About the project

"The project's goal is to add Bash Script functionality to the existing Lua interface. This will allow Lua to function as a viable replacement for perl and bash as a scripting language while keeping the approachable and simplistic nature that makes Lua so easy work with. Since there are many important bash commands, the project will be a slow process of adding commands while aggressively refactoring to maximize simplicity."

About Connor

"I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Chattanooga is a vibrant startup city, with a thriving Innovation District and a lot of smart people."

Google Cloud IoT Core Interface in Lua - Gaurav Kumar (India)

About the project

"The project that I'm working on is based upon developing an interface in Lua for the set of Google Cloud IoT Core APIs, through two REST resources: cloudiot methods, to facilitate device manager tasks, and cloudiotdevice methods, to facilitate device communication over the HTTP bridge. I will also work upon providing a Proof of Concept for the above mentioned interface using a real world embedded device like NodeMCU."

About Gaurav

"I'm currently studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). The thought of connecting people and machines together via Human-machine interaction is what I inspires me a lot. I'm a keen enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Connect with me on Linkedin and GitHub."

XDPLua - Victor Nogueira (Brazil)

About the project

"This project aims to introduce Lua to the XDP(eXpress Data Path) environment, which will allow users to execute Lua scripts inside the XDP hooks. In this project we will also run benchmarks to see how Lua performs in this environment and compare it with the results of eBPF."

About Victor

"I am from Brazil and I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at PUC-Rio. My fields of interest in computer science are free software and operating systems."

Low-Power Interrupt-Based Drivers in Céu-Arduino - Jingrui Li (China)

About the project:

"This project is about a new rising language, Céu (meaning sky in English), which is created for embedded concurrent programming and is easy to use. I am using this language to develop interrupt-based drivers for Arduino and its compatible devices."

About Jingrui Li

"I am Jingrui, a junior from Northeastern University in China, majoring in software engineering. I love computer science and like to develop anything interesting."